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Business Brain Hacks that Actually Work

On May 6, 2019, Posted by , In Business, With No Comments
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Want to transform yourself into a real powerhouse in the business world? Would you like the ability to be a better learner, a more effective worker, and a more persuasive leader?

Although each of these goals requires a lifetime of work and self-improvement to truly master, you can start seeing fast results with the help of these handy brain hacks. You’ll be surprised at how these small actions rewire your brain and allows you to make big changes in your work environment.


These brain hacks help you acquire and retain information better.

Use Spaced Repetition to Learn Things in the Long-Term

Spaced repetition is a method for memorizing and internalizing information that takes into account your memory curve. We all naturally forget things as time passes by, but we don’t remember or forget all things equally.

With spaced repetition, you figure out which things stay in your memory more easily and then focus on the bits of information that are harder for you to remember. The spaced repetition process is simple. You can do it with nothing more than some flashcards.

You set apart three categories for the cards: “daily study,” “weekly study,” and “monthly study.” The put the info you need to memorize on the flashcards and begin your first study session.

The cards that you memorize easily go into the weekly study pile. The ones that take more effort go into the daily study.

In a week, you go over the “weekly study cards.” The ones that stick go into the “monthly study pile,” while the ones that need more work stay in “weekly.”
You continue the process until all the desired info stays in memory. This process helps you memorize things for the long-haul—not just for a single event!

Take Leisure Time Before a Big Event

A lot of people like to cram, but the truth is that it doesn’t work. Instead, you should be studying regularly and consistently using methods like the one above.

Instead of cramming the night before a test, training, or presentation, use that time to unwind and relax. Have a night out (though no wild partying—a hangover will definitely make your performance worse the next day), or stay at home and chill.

This eliminated stress and helps you have better focus, allowing you to recall information easily the next day when you need it.

Doodle to Stimulate Creativity

If you really want to get the creative juices flowing for an important project, just do what you used to be scolded for as a kid: doodle. It turns out doodling sparks your creativity. It helps you focus and find solutions to problems.

The way to get the most out of doodling is to do it before you dig into your creative task and to doodling wavy shapes (as opposed to jagged lines).


These brain hacks help you work with greater focus and enthusiasm.

Put Some Sugared Water in your Mouth

Ever wonder why sports drinks are so big among athletes? Despite the claims of the sports drink makers, the beverages’ greatest effect isn’t physical—it’s mental. The sweetness triggers the pleasure-sensors in your brain, which pushes you forward and keeps you motivated.

Personalize your Work Space

We humans are all about the personal effects. We feel more comfortable and more confident when surrounded by things we know and like. Bring touches of your life to the work place, be it a cubicle or a bus. You’ll work with greater effectiveness.

Manage Your Temper Better by Using your Less-Dominant Hand

When we lose our temper and explode, especially if we are overdue on payments for Waco title loans. It’s not because we’re experiencing too much anger—it’s because you’ve surpassed your anger threshold.

The good news is you can increase your threshold. One great way to do it is by constantly using your less-dominant hand for every-day tasks. This improves self-control and forces you to constantly deal with the tiny frustrations that accompany using your weaker hand.

So you’ll still get angry, but you’ll be able to manage it better in your relations with others.

Use these brain hacks to get people to do what you want.

Use People’s Sense of Touch to Influence their Decisions

Our senses have a major effect on our thoughts and actions. That includes our sense of touch. If we feel something soft, we’re likely to be more persuadable than if exposed to something hard, rough, and jagged.

So if you want to soften someone, put them in a comfortable chair (as opposed to a hard wooden one). You can also give them something soft to hold on to, like a puppy.

Use Hand Gestures when you Talk

A lot of people move their hands to help in self-expression. However, hand gestures also affect how other people perceive what you say.

By using strong hand gestures to drive home points, you can leave a better impression that influences people’s thoughts and actions.

Get on People’s Right Side

According to research, people prefer the side of the whatever hand they’re dominant with. Right-handed persons prefer their right side and everything on it.
So if you want to appear more favorable to a person, find out what which of their hands is dominant and get on that side when talking to them.

Win People Over by Giving Them Sweets

As established earlier, sugar triggers people’s pleasure receptors. By offering someone a candy, they can become more agreeable. Plus, everyone feels nice when someone gives them something. Remember the law of reciprocity—do something nice for someone and they’ll want to do something nice for you. So go ahead, pull out the candy. Werther’s Originals tend to work fine.

Brain hacking isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Put these into practice and you’ll start to see people become astounded at your awesomeness in the office.

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