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Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige bring back the glory of Bad Boy Entertainment at Barclays Center.

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Puff Daddy, Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige bring back the glory of Bad Boy Entertainment at Barclays Center.

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barclaysEvery 90’s kid would know Puff Daddy singing ‘I will be missing you”. Puff Daddy is his stage name his actual name is Sean John Combs. He worked for Uptown Records as a talent director. Bad Boy Entertainment was found by Sean Combs, this was a music label under which many singers recorded their songs and they were popular enough.  On Friday march 16, 2016 bad boy entertainment hit the floor with other singer. The concert was such a hit and the audience stood there for hours just for their favorite singer to come and sing for them. The excitement could be seen on Puff Daddy’s face as he entered the stage. He was really thrilled by the reunion that he gave a kiss to Lil Kim on cheek and held her in his arms softly. While he was on stage he announced their upcoming tour. Everyone was wearing a matching denim. Everybody was seen so much in spirits. They were are really happy and looking really happy because of the reunion. The biggest applause was giving to Jay Z when he made his entry on stage as Puff Daddy called Jay Z his brother (of course not the blood relation brother but the one who stood always on his side whenever he needed him).the show was all full of surprises featuring Jay Z of course, Usher, and Nas. It all seemed such an amazing event. Everything seemed perfect and with a reason. As Lil Kim said that it was all giving a very spiritual effect. She said that she never felt that she has left it. It was as if she is still part of it.  A cake was also cut at the end of the concert for the birthday ceremony of late Notorious B.I.G.

Mary J. Blige performed “Be Happy”, “You Don’t Worry “and “ Real Love “for the audience and did not fail in surprising them by performing her signature dance moves. Audience was totally enthralled by all the performances. She thanked Puff Daddy on stage for taking her under Bad Boy Entertainment and making ways for her that lead her to be the Queen of Hip Hop. Her baggy style was the hit style in 90’s. Nas was also there on concert and captured the attention of the audience by performing his hit “MADE You Look”. The performances were divided so every singer could have a chance of singing and entertaining the audience again. The schedule was followed strictly. Every act was given 15 minutes in total. Every singer sang their hit songs to relive the moment. They revived those moments of their lives on stage with the audience. Busta was there to perform “Pass the Cîroc”, Usher and Ty Dolla $ign also played their part and gave this concert another turn. To make this hip hop jam a little more spice Usher sang “u don’t have to call and I need a girl, Pt. 1 and 2”.  While $ign sang “you could be my lover”

In the end everyone thanked each other and the show was ended around 1:00 am with the birthday ceremony of B.I.G.

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