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Recent Popular Celebrity Scandals

On June 24, 2016, Posted by , In Entertainment, With No Comments
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There are no shortages of celebrity scandals in the United States, it seems as though with this new age of social media and a lot of scandals revolving on the internet, celebrity scandals are always in the limelight. In 2015 one of the biggest scandals to hit the news was the “Deflategate” controversy that is still in limbo to this day. This scandal began after the 2014 AFC Championship game in the NFL after the New England Patriots won a game in which the opposing team later accused the Patriots of using underinflated footballs during the game. According to the opposing team, the Patriots knowingly deflated footballs to the point that the air pressure inside the footballs were below league standards in order to gain an unfair advantage. The person who has taken the most heat in this scandal has been New England quarterback Tom Brady. The NFL moved forward with the case by hiring independent investigator Ted Wells to investigate and form a report from the investigation on if the footballs that the Patriots used were in fact purposely deflated to the point that it was below NFL regulations. According to the “Wells Report” after an extensive investigation into the scandal, he determined that it was “more likely than not” that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots purposely deflated the balls in order to gain a competitive advantage during the game. The NFL then handed out a four game suspension to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leading to a major controversy between not only Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell but also between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. The case has since made it’s way all the way to the court system where originally a lower judge ruled that the NFL and it’s commissioner Roger Goodell wrongfully suspended Tom Brady for four games and immediately overturned the suspension. Many thought that the scandal would end after the judge’s ruling but it turns out that now the NFL has fought back through the appeals process and has since had the lower judge’s ruling overturned by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that resulted in a 2-1 decision to reinstate the suspension. Tom Brady and the NFL PA are expected to appeal the ruling as well as the case has yet to be resolved.

There are plenty of other celebrity scandals that are still ongoing to this day. One of those is the scandal involving popular hip hop singer Chris Brown. It is well known that Chris Brown has a violent temper and people can look no further for proof after he violently assaulted former girlfriend and singer Rhianna. Now Brown is facing yet another lawsuit, this time from a former manager. According to sources, in 2012 Brown hired a man that goes by Mike G to be a part of his entourage as an image manager to help restore Brown’s image and to also help him in other ways. What once seemed to be a great relationship between the two, Mike G’s lawsuit claims he was taken into a room and assaulted by Brown with repeated punches to his face and neck. Mike G ended up in the hospital as a result from the beating and is in fear of retaliation from Chris Brown’s “gang member friends”.

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