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SC Prisons Battle Wave of Social Media Posts, Cell Phone Use By Inmates

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SC Prisons Battle Wave of Social Media Posts, Cell Phone Use By Inmates

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So far this year, 66 state prisoners have been restrained for making or helping any online networking media, in spite of restrictions on mobile phones inside prisons and an absence of prisoner access to PCs.

These numbers are on track to surpass last years quantities of 131 disciplinary activities yet are down from a high of 218 in 2014, as indicated on postings by the state Department of Corrections.

Jail authorities have considered that such access can definitely be a serious issue  due to inmates being prone to engaging  in additional criminal activity. On that note, prisoners have also smuggled mobile phones to access the internet as well as post information on the web.

It is an issue authorities have combated for a considerable length of time. While Facebook and other online networking sites are moderately new, the utilization of hidden mobile phones in prison is not.

“We know some of the inmates will seek any means at all to do business with the outside or have business brought in,” authorities noted. “Some of them are pretty smart. They are enable to encrypt and use codes and stuff like that to communicate.”

It has been reported that Bryan Stirling, the executive of South Carolina’s jail framework, told a Federal Communications Commission’s field hearing to a month ago that the prison system framework has utilized each instrument available to them to attempt and catch phones however he accepts just a small amount of the devices have been captured.

Johnson proved that one of the imprisoned gang members used a hidden phone and contacted his other members in order to kill him. Such happenings have forced the authorities to keep a strong check on the hidden cell phones in prison.

While state authorities do not know the amount of cell action is created inside jails, they have a thought by looking at different states. Stirling said when Mississippi introduced innovation in 2010 to block cell calls and messages inside its most famous jail in 2010; it caught 9.2 million messages and calls. With such a variety of mobile phones inside prisons, there is little thought that prisoners have in some cases been bold about utilizing them, not simply to upgrade Facebook pages or to interface with family however for excitement.

One of the greatest devices jail authorities use to catch such inmates posting on online networking is tips from the general population. The organization on its site requests tips on prisoners utilizing telephones or presenting on online networking.

From May 1, 2015, to April 30, the organization got 687 tips through the office’s site entry about prisoners’ utilization of telephones or online networking. Rustic states, for example, South Carolina ought to be permitted to utilizing sticking innovation and applications to battle the problem of hidden mobile phones.

While this was going on in South Carolina prisons, ex-felons in the same state have been undoubtedly getting approved for all sorts of loans to start their own profitable businesses. Some of the loans for these ex-felons come straight from our very own federal government while others are available through organizations such as title loans or any other collateral loans businesses. However, with these hidden phones now conveniently available to prisoners, these prisoners may already be starting their own business before their sentences are even over.

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